Tuesday, September 6, 2011


    Sawyer's blood pressure (BP) continues to be an issue.  His doctor is concerned and working very hard to help stabilize him.  Today they added another BP medication and we are making more adjustments to his dialysis tonight and tomorrow. 

     All of this is taking it's toll on Sawyer.  He is very bloated, depressed, and feels horrible.   Some of this stems from the steroids.  However, the hypertension must get controlled or something worse could happen.

     We are not panicked and do not live in a spirit of fear.  I am being candid so that you will know how to pray.

     We are leaning way into God and our confidence rests in Him.  He has made great provision for Sawyer through the CHKD Kidney Team.  These are remarkably competent and caring people.  We are truly blessed to be in their care and anticipate better days ahead soon.

     This battle is vicious and non-stop.  Thank you for your continued prayer.  We are blown away by the reports of how many people are praying for our boy.  I don’t have the words to express how grateful we are for your care, concern and support.


Anonymous said...

Many are standing with you...thank you for sharing your lives(pics and sharing in blog)...and the opportunity to pray.
We pray in faith, with hope, and
total trust in our all wise Savior.
His presence is overwhelming when
the circumstances of this life flood over us. Lord hold our dear brothers and sisters in your firm,
secure hand.
Psalm 119:114&116
In His Love,Bax and Ruth

Anonymous said...

Praying for you over at Osan AB, South Korea.

Sara Jane said...

Continuing to check in on you all...Sawyer is never far from my mind and when he does pop into my mind I pray!

I So hope the battle is won soon!
Little Sawyer is a trooper and I pray that he gains victory over his emotions, Bless him.

Thank you for sharing your ongoing story with the world...We are listening and we are praying!

God bless you all!