Friday, September 16, 2011

Huge Relief!

     Sawyer had no pain in his shoulders at the end of dialysis this morning!!  Huge relief!  Assuming it was indeed a gas bubble from his surgery, Sawyer's doctor advised us to place him face down with his head lower than his feet during the final drain of his dialysis.  It worked!  The pain did travel to his pelvis, but the intensity was DRAMATICALLY LESS.

     X-rays today confirmed a huge gas bubble pressing up high into his abdomen.  We are not sure when it will dissipate, but we are grateful the pain does not originate from a more troubling source.  

     Grateful for a victory!  Now, back to the mountain that jumps into the sea.


Joan said...

Yes, mountain be MOVED! Kidneys COME FORTH! Lord, you see how strong this family is, and I know You are intervening on their behalf to see Sawyer whole and healthy again. We praise You, and thank you for the work you are doing in each person in this precious family. They love You more ... more than human desires, more than themselves, more than life here on Earth. Thank You, Lord, for being their "ALL IN ALL" through it ALL.

We love you too!

Unknown said...

Great news that all went well with this last treatment. Also glad to hear the appointment did as well. Will be continuing to pray for healing, comfort and peace!!!
Big Hugs, Lil' guy!! :)