Monday, September 12, 2011


Waiting to go HOME!

     Dr. R believes Sawyer's pain stems from his operation.  He had significant manipulation in his belly by removing almost all of his omentum and moving the catheter into his pelvis.  Also, there is a gas bubble that may be causing some of it.

     We should be leaving the hospital within the next hour!

     Some of you are asking about his blood pressure.  It's still an issue, but trending downward with good dialysis.  Nothing to stay hospitlized over.  Again, we are running a marathon here.  It''s good to get some momentum today after a few tough miles.  He sustains us all of the way.     


Anonymous said...

Keeping ALL of this and you and Karen, and the kiddos, (especially Sawyer!), in our prayers. We think about him often throughout the day, as having our own little 4 year old reminds us to pray for him. I am praying for the bp and for eating... and processing emotionally for everyone too... God has a lot to work with here! And He is faithful to give His children what they need. Praying that He keeps you in perfect peace and that you are able to always remember He is keeping you safely in the palm of his hand, no matter how difficult the road ahead seems, praying specifically that you are able to take things as they come and not worry about tomorrow. You are being loved,
The Stevens

Deb said...

Interesting - Omentum - not good. Momentum - Good!! So glad to hear you're coming home!!!!! I love you all!!

Bo said...

We continue to lean on the Lord for you and Sawyer. We know He is carrying you through this, but....we pray for more grace and more mercy.

The Frizzell's~Gates, NC said...

Good morning Sawyer. Kaylee & Devin are so happy to hear that you are going home today! Our prayers are strong for you and we think about you constantly. Have a happy day!

Kelly, Kaylee & Devin Frizzell

Jill said...

I continue to pray for all of you. I believe that you all are an amazing testament to faith in God.
Please tell Sawyer that prayers are coming to him and his family all the way from Kansas!!