Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sawyer Loves School!

     Sawyer loved school today! He was the first one to raise his hand  and he participated with much enthusiasm.

     His preschool lasts for two hours.  He hung in there for the 1st hour, being as active as he could be, but did not have the energy during hour two.  Sawyer attends a preschool co-op for home schoolers that meets one time a week.  Hopefully, he'll have more strength and energy next week.

     Sawyer was enrolled at Greenbrier Weekday Preschool.  All of our other kids attended this school and were taught by Mrs. Harrison.  Mrs. Harrison is an incredible teacher and we wanted to continue the tradition. Unfortunately, Sawyer is not healthy enough at this point.  Karen can stay closer to him and give him the care he needs at the co-op. 

     Sawyer loved meeting his new friends and teachers today!  Although he has not been able to get far from the couch for the rest of the day, it was still a great day.


Family Times and Challenges said...

So glad that Sawyers first day went well. I know that it is so important for children with health issues to feel/be treated as normal as possible. May God keep him in a protective bubble away from germs that can hinder his immune system.

Joan said...

Wonderful news for the big 5 year old!!! YAY! Thank the Lord for His provision of this unique setting and one in which his beautiful mom can creatively be close at hand, and yet provide a rich learning environment. I'm happy for you all. He'll get stronger ... we believe it!