Saturday, September 10, 2011

SD Luvs Pain Meds

     Sawyer is enjoying his pain meds right now.  He has had a lot of belly pain post-surgery.  The pain is worse than when the peritoneal catheter was first  put in, which makes sense as this procedure appeared to be a bit more invasive.

     Dialysis is going strong.  Huge relief.  If this procedure today is the solution to his dialysis woes, we could be on the path to better blood pressure trends.

     We would be fools not to recognize God all throughout this day.  He is real and making Himself known.  So grateful.  Obviously, we wish we were never on this path.  We want Sawyer healed and  this bad dream to end.  However, we are more aware of His presence and provision like never before.  So, here's the irony… this royally stinks and smells sweet all at the same time.  Crazy, but true.

     We know people were on their knees in prayer for our boy today and stepping up to bring relief to our family in many ways.  Remarkable. We are so grateful for you!

     Now, I'm off to figure out how I can manipulate this chair to get some sleep tonight.  #delusionalDadInRoom827#

NOT a recliner.


Unknown said...

Awesome news. Thank you God for hearing our prayers. We pray that Sawyer has relief now from this surgery and things will start to go smoother for him now. Bless this family Lord in a mighty way as only you can. In Your Precious Name, Amen

Unknown said...

I seem to remember a dude that could sleep ANYWHERE! (even while driving) ... but hey, it kept me awake that entire trip!!

JJ said...

"So, here's the irony… this royally stinks and smells sweet all at the same time." Wow, this was DEEP for me. It was like a revelation of the yucky, bloody Old Testament sacrifices continually reminding Our Father of Jesus' future perfect, final sacrifice...when we would be forgiven once and for all.

Well, as blessed as you have been to experience an awareness of God's hand in all that Sawyer and your family has gone thru, I pray that a long period of healing, wholeness, and rest lay ahead for you all! Hang in there DeBause family!