Friday, September 2, 2011

Clinic Follow Up

Today we went back to CHKD for a follow up visit in the Kidney Clinic. Sawyer was very anxious when we first arrived. Who could blame him? The last time he paid a visit, they kept and tortured him (in his mind) for two weeks. I have to admit it was unsettling and surreal for Karen and me too.

Sawyer's stats from his blood tests were not good.  The dialysis is not removing enough waste from his blood.  So, we are having to increase the intensity of his dialysis, which also means we must continue 14 hours of dialysis daily.  We were hoping to reduce it to 12 hours per day.
The blood tests also revealed an abnormality regarding his liver enzymes. The doctor said it may just be some of the medicines he is using. So, we added a few more prescriptions today and dropped one.

Sorry for the late updates over the last two days.  Hopefully, things will settle down soon.


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