Monday, September 5, 2011

Too High.

     Kidneys are amazing organs. They do a lot of things and helping to control blood pressure is one of them. So, it makes sense that kidney failure causes high blood pressure.
     High blood pressure is an ongoing battle for Sawyer.  It's always too high.

     Yesterday, Sawyer's blood pressure was way too high.  We had to cancel our plans to take him to church.  We monitored him hourly and stayed in touch with our PD nurse throughout the day (incredible lady!).    Sawyer is on several blood pressure meds and yesterday we had to give him an additional med to bring it down ASAP.
     As of this morning, Sawyer's blood pressure is lower than yesterday, but still above his normal high.  He has been asking to go to a baseball game all summer and really petitioned us for a game while in the hospital.  We have tickets to today's Tides game.  We are hoping he can make it.  It's an early game.  So, he will be able to return home in time for dialysis. 
     Batter up!


thirddayfaith said...

I'm praying that Sawyer gets to go to the game today! It would be good for all of you to have something fun and "normal" in your lives right now... May our Lord pour his strength into each of you for all you need today. A friend shared with me this morning that ASAP means; Always Say A Prayer....I think that becomes automatic for those of us who look to Christ in our moments of crisis!
As always... my thoughts and prayers flow to Sawyer and you through out my days and nights...

Joanne Rustad said...

I hope you were able to make the game!! I talked to my girl friend whose daughter went thru this when she was 9. I told her everything going on with Sawyer and she said yeah the food was horrible she hated it!! Ahhhh. But on a great note she is now 5 yrs out she is in HS!! When she had gotten her Dad kidney her own kidneys worked a little bit which the doctors thought odd, but she is doing awesome!! I pray that you will be able to find a donor soon!!