Friday, March 20, 2020

Orange Fingers and a Chocolate Milk Mustache

     Today is a DeBause holiday- Kidney Day!  This is the 8th anniversary of the day Sawyer received a transplanted kidney from his Hero Mom (and my beautiful wife) Karen.  Typically, we make much of this day with some type of big adventure , but this year the adventure is at home.  Sawyer takes anti-rejection drugs, which suppresses his immune system.  His body can't fight off a virus like COVID-19. So, we are having an all day party at home.  We are having a great time, but it would be better if we could spend it with some of the awesome people who helped us get through the hardest parts of Sawyer's kidney failure back in 2011.   We still praise God often for them.

     One of my favorite memories of the day the transplant took place was when Sawyer first woke up from the surgery.  It was about two o'clock in the morning.  He was weak and could hardly speak, but as soon as he opened his eyes, he asked for his Power Ranger's Sword, Doritos and chocolate milk.  The nurse whispered to me that the doctor would not allow him to eat for several more hours.  However, she was wrong.  Dr. Raafat checked on Sawyer soon after he awoke and she said, "go for it" in typical, and most awesome, Dr. Raafat style.  Within seconds, Sawyer's fingers were orange and he quickly grew a chocolate milk mustache.


     Typically, Nurse Ruth provides the chocolate milk and Doritos on this day, but since we can't pay a visit to CHKD, I picked up some as I hunted for toilet paper (with no success- dang virus!) this morning.

     I hate what's happening to our world right now.  However, one of the best reminders of Kidney Day for my family is that no matter how hard and upended our world gets, God doesn't abandon us in the mess.  I hate what Sawyer and Karen went through and I hate what Sawyer still wrestles with daily, but God gives us much comfort, joy and strength in the middle of it and one day He will make everything right again.  Until then, we are going to munch on some Doritos and wash it down with chocolate milk!  Happy Kidney Day!