Thursday, July 25, 2013

As One Adventure Ends...

Toby and Scott
(Year One)
    Today my partner and I sold our Cold Stone Creamery in Greenbrier. It is hard to believe our ten year adventure of bringing the Ultimate Ice Cream Experience has come to an end. 

     I will miss the over crowding of my freezer doors at home from "Everybody" size cartons of our favorite Signature Creations.  But, what I will miss most is our people. 

Matt, Toby, Jerika & Andre (Store Manager & Great Friend)
      At one point, we owned four stores, which has given us the privilege of working with hundreds of incredible crew members, managers and vendors.  I am so grateful for their hard work and sacrifices.  They took great care of our guests, each other, my family and me.  I have learned and gained so much from them that words will fall way short here.

First Shift (2004)
Last Shift (2013)

     I thank God for my partner Scott.  Like any good partnership, our strengths and weakness always offset each other.  This has been one of the greatest assets of our business.  I know Scott is known as the "silent partner", but this is a misconception.  Few will ever know the weight he carried and the wisdom he poured out to help us navigate through the valleys and reach the mountain tops.  Scott, you are a great friend.  I love you brother and I trust God is not finished with us yet.

     I thank God I got to be a part of this adventure.  I have come to know Him better and trust Him more as a result.  We were profitable during the Great Recession, had award winning stores and the sales at our Greenbrier store always trumped all others in our region.  But, this is not why my faith was strengthened. 

      We suffered many defeats along the way.  Pure defeats, not just setbacks.  It was during these moments- the times when our backs were pressed suffocatingly hard against the wall, the occasions when the hits stung so deeply that you went numb and the losses were so great that they will never be regained- these are the moments that galvanized my faith in God Almighty. [Who knew there was so much drama selling ice cream?!?]

Passing the spade to the new owner.  Sanjay! 
     As one adventure ends, another will begin.  Looking forward to the next adventure, but I will be forever grateful for this one.

Monday, July 15, 2013


WARNING:  EXPLICIT PDL* CONTENT.  Read at your own risk.
You have captured my heart,
    my treasure, my bride.
You hold it hostage with one 
 glance of your eyes...
          Song of Solomon 4:9
    My wife is beautiful from head to toe...inside and out.  However, I can hardly pull myself away from her eyes.  They captivate me.  I gaze into her eyes and never tire. 

     Today marks 18 years of marriage to Karen (or 225 months of dating) and I'm still held hostage by her eyes. 

      Every year I update the following list.  So here it is with the it's newest addition-- #18. 

Reasons Why I Love Karen
(No Particular Order)
By Toby DeBause (Karen’s Husband)

  1. She desires and seeks after God.
  1. What you see is what you get. Genuine. No pretense.
  2. Her integrity can never be disputed.
  3. She is an incredible mother.
  1. She has a great ear and loves to use it.
  2. She snores only on occasion.
  1. She never gives up.
  2. I know she loves me
  3. She knows great coffee.
  4. I trust her completely
  1. I’d be lost without her.
  2. She never gets mad at me when I ask for help finding my keys.
  1. She is my best friend.
  1. She inspires me.
  2. She is beautiful
  3. She goes where He leads.
  1. She gives all for the ones she loves.
  1. Her eyes.

Year 14 Video. 
Hit the full screen button after it starts or buy reading glasses.

*Public Declaration of Love (PDL)

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Clear Direction

    We met with a new doctor this week to address Sawyer's most recent issues. (For a better explanation of the new issues, go here.) 
The short of it is that Sawyer has reflux in his ureter allowing urine to back flow into his transplanted kidney.  This caused two episodes of infection in his transplanted kidney.  These episodes jeopardize his kidney. Not good… at all.

     The doctor, a pediatric urologist, scheduled Sawyer for endoscopic surgery (outpatient) in September. In  the surgery, she will inject Deflux into the opening of Sawyer's ureter.  Deflux is a bulking agent that will help Sawyer's ureter stay closed when his bladder is contracted.

     We prayed for wisdom and clear direction.  Our prayers were answered.  The urologist did not even give us the option of the more invasive surgery.  We are grateful and relieved. Sawyer is being spared from a lot more pain and suffering.  We wish they did not have to tamper with any part of the transplant, but some tampering is better than a lot. 

     In the meantime, Sawyer's Pee-Pee Boot Camp has to be extended and intensified.  This will help with his bladder abnormalities.  The doctor needs to see more progress before she will do the surgery in September.  We bought him a watch that sounds an alarm every two hours reminding him to start "the drill".  Pray the little soldier cooperates.