Thursday, September 15, 2011

"Will you pray for me that it won't hurt?"

     As he was falling asleep tonight, Sawyer said to Karen, "I really don't want it to hurt again tomorrow morning".  Then he asked, "Will you pray for me that it won't hurt?" 

     Tomorrow, Sawyer will get more x-rays to confirm the majority of his pain is still coming from a gas bubble that formed during his last surgery.  I share this so that you know how to specifically pray.

     Karen and I have been blown away from the reports of so many prayers from all over the world. There is a huge movement of prayer happening for Sawyer. Thank you for praying and caring so much!  Jesus knows my boy and He is listening.  

     FYI... Our niece, Chelsea Gaab, started a facebook group called "Praying for Sawyer".  If you would like to join this group, click here.  

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Unknown said...

Will be praying that Sawyer won't hurt in the morning.