Friday, September 23, 2011

Good Report!!

Sawyer sitting in one of his favorite birthday gifts.

     We believe the gas pocket, which was causing excruciating pain as it pressed into Sawyer's diaphragm, is GONE.  For the last two days, he has been pain free! 

     This is a huge blessing and relief.   The nagging, sharp pain was taking its toll.  Now, Sawyer is much more active, playful, and regaining his sense of humor.   Love it!

     Here's another good report…   This week, he has had successful dialysis treatments, which really helps with his blood pressure and so much more.  His blood pressure is trending down so much that it is hovering just above a normal range! 

     The dialysis has been going so well that he has been able to reduce the amount of time he is tethered to the machine from 12 hours a day to 10.  Two hours makes a huge difference!

     Although it was a real bummer to have the doctors give up on his kidneys this week, overall, it's been a great week.  Sawyer even played a little soccer yesterday. 

     Karen and I are so grateful for your continued prayers and support.  We know God is listening.  We also trust that He is using Sawyer's kidney failure for His glory and Sawyer's good (and our good too).


Anonymous said...

Oh praise GOD for such wonderful news!

thirddayfaith said...

Thanking the Lord and praising God with you! My thoughts and prayers remain with each of you.

louantha said...

So happy to hear!!! Praise to our Father God!

The Frizzell's said...

Hey Sawyer! So glad you are having a awesome week. We continue to talk about you and pray for you constantly. God is good!

Kelly, Kaylee & Devin
Gates, NC

Deb said...

WHOOOOOOO-HOOOOOOO!!!!! This made my night! Soooo Thankful!! Praise God!! Thank you Jesus!!! Love those smiles!!!1

Lisa C. said...

So glad to hear the good news...praying for continued healing and painless nights and days!! Let the praises RING!!!

JJ said...

THRILLED to read such positive news! I am happy for you ALL! Onward and upward. :) Praise God!

Audrey said...

thanking the LORD for being a GOD that HEARS fact this past Thurs in my Moms In Touch prayer time, I used that as my attribute and character of GOD to base our prayer time around....GOD hears....meaning HE listens, HE's attentive and HE is concerned about every trivial detail of our lives and delights in answering our prayers...ALL HE ASKS, is that WE PRAISE AND GIVE HIM THANKS... ! even in the dark, grey day times and you are doing that.....Hallejuah to GOD for hearing the prayers of many saints for Sawyer.

Unknown said...

Thank you God!! Awesome news!!