Sunday, January 1, 2012

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     This is our family blog.  However,  since last August, has been more like  Sawyer is our 5 year old son who has an undiagnosed genetic syndrome that has affected his eyes, kidneys, and skeleton so far.

     On August 17, 2011, we took Sawyer into the emergency room suspecting his fever and pain were related to the minor surgery he had days before.  Unfortunately, we discovered that Sawyer's kidneys had failed.  Within hours, Sawyer was admitted into the intensive care unit where he received his first dialysis treatment.

     Since August, Sawyer has had a few ups and downs as he awaits a kidney transplant.  He receives  10 hours of dialysis each day, which is performed at home.  Most of this therapy takes place when he is sleeping.

     Toby and Karen DeBause are the parents of Will Carter, Emma, Ben and Sawyer DeBause.  Karen will be donating her kidney to Sawyer.  The surgery will take place on March 20th. 

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