Friday, June 14, 2013

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Buckling up.

     It appears Sawyer needs to strap on his Superman belt again as another battle (or two) lies ahead. This morning's procedure at CHKD showed that Sawyer has three new issues. 

     First, Sawyer does have reflux in his ureter which means urine is back-flowing into his kidney.  This would be the obvious source of his kidney infections.  Kidney infections will damage his transplanted kidney.  So, Sawyer will need to have the reflux corrected soon.

     There are two options in treating the reflux.  Surgical re-implantation of the ureter to his bladder or an endoscopic injection of a bulking agent into his ureter. 

     Sawyer's kidney doctor has been impressed by the results of the endoscopic injections.  We absolutely do not want Sawyer to have to suffer through another surgery.  However, surgical re-implantation is the most definitive method.  We have a lot to learn and discuss before moving forward with any option.  We will be consulting with a urologist who has experience with transplant patients soon.

     The other two issues that surfaced today were Sawyer's bladder showing some abnormalities and Sawyer not voiding enough urine.  His kidney doctor did not show immediate concern regarding the abnormalities because they may be caused by the other issue of not voiding enough urine.  The doctor thinks Sawyer is a "chronic holder".  So, for the next 30 days, Sawyer will need to go through Pee-Pee Boot Camp!  I'll spare you the details of Pee-Pee Boot Camp, but knowing Sawyer, Karen and I will have to buckle our superbelts too.

     Thank you for the prayers today.  Sawyer responded well to the sedation drug this morning, but it was still a very uncomfortable procedure.  It hurt to watch.  When I saw the catheter tube, I immediately asked, "that's not the tube you are using, is it?"  Unfortunately, it was. Sawyer is one tough kid… even without the Superman belt!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Bladder up!

     Sawyer has a procedure tomorrow at CHKD. They are doing a test that will push dye through a catheter in order to fill his bladder. This test will help determine whether or not his transplanted ureter from the kidney is functioning properly at the point where it is attached to his bladder.

     Since Sawyer's kidney transplant, he has been hospitalized twice with kidney infections.  His doctor suspects there may be a back-flow in the ureter that is causing the infections.  We hope they find no issues and that Sawyer has no more kidney infections.

     Sawyer is anxious tonight about the procedure. Please pray that he will experience a great measure of peace  and for good results tomorrow. 

     Sawyer in a private meeting with Mike Griffin, former New York Yankee's pitcher, and Trayvon Robinson, outfielder (LF) for the Norfolk Tides.  Hours after their meeting, Trayvon hit the game winning home run.