Monday, September 19, 2011

Big Day Part One

There is much to share regarding Sawyer's Birthday Celebration.  So, here is Part One of the Big Day.

     Although Sawyer had a BLAST on his birthday, it started rough.  He had a pain filled morning and he stayed in bed for most of the day because he was nauseated. Yet, he was determinded to get his birthday groove on! He climbed out of bed around 2PM and was ready to party by 3PM.  

Many friends came to celebrate.  Sawyer was showered with gifts and love.  

     Sawyer said his favorite part of the party was smashing the Angry Birds Pinata.


thirddayfaith said...

Thanks for giving me such a sweet treat for Sawyer's birthday! Praising God for His kindness in giving Sawyer a reprieve from his pain and nausea so that he could enjoy his special day!

tripoetry said...

I absolutely love this! Give him a BIG Cousin Kimmie hug for me!