Tuesday, September 27, 2011


     There are seven thousand children in the United States with End Stage Kidney Disease.  Sawyer is one of the seven thousand. 

     It would be a miracle for Sawyer's kidney's to function again.  As the doctor says, "dead kidneys do not come back to life".  So, we are asking God for a miracle... please bring Sawyer's kidney's back to life. 

     Sawyer is no more deserving of a miracle than the other 6,999 children.  However, we are boldly asking God for His intervention.  He is our only hope.  If He rejuvinates Sawyer's kidney's, we will praise Him.  If He does not, we will praise.  We trust Him with the results.

     There is a huge movement of prayer for Sawyer.  Thank you for lifting him up!  Karen and I are very encouraged by your prayers and support!  


s. chasteen said...

Still praying-will focus on healing his kidney. Thanks for the updates! And, the pictures!

Bax and Ruth said...

A friend reminded me Sun. that God doesn't worry about numbers(unemployed,End Stage kidney disease,etc.)...He accomplishes His purposes...with the numbers...and in spite of the numbers. Our position...trust and

Unknown said...

Still praying and will continue. We know that God is bigger than any kidney that doesn't work. Besides he created them, he can make them work again.

Sara Jane said...

praying in agreement with you!

Anonymous said...

Praying God's will for Sawyer. God is able to do exceedingly more than we know to ask or believe Him for...praying for His abiding grace and peace to overshadow your family.

The Frizzell's said...

Hey Sawyer...Love the Redskin jersey:). Devin & Kaylee says hello and sends their love and GET WELL wishes! You are the core of our family's prayers and we continue to lift you up:) We love you and are confident of a miracle through God:)

Kelly, Kaylee & Devin Frizzell
AHBC in Gates, NC