Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bit of a bummer, but grateful.

    This picture pretty much sums up Sawyer's day.  I had to whisk him from bed this morning to get his blood drawn at the clinic before his morning meds.  Even without steroids, blood draws always induce anxiety and anger in Sawyer. 

     Sawyer felt generally cruddy throughout the day .  Late in the afternoon, I had to take him to the emergency room because he  had not urinated for over 8 hours.   Not good for a newly transplanted kidney. 

     After a few tests were run (more blood), it was determined that Sawyer was not getting enough fluids.  I had been pushing water through his G-tube because I knew he needed to be fully hydrated to support the new kidney, but it was still not enough.  At least it is an easy fix .  I will be pushing more water and chasing him around with Slurpee's.

After I brought Sawyer home from the hospital, he complained of pain for the rest of the night.  He rarely, if ever, complains of pain.  So, we did our best to relieve him until he fell asleep.

     Sawyer was so traumatized from the day that when I kissed him on his head after he had been sleeping for 20 minutes, he woke up suddenly with a look of horror on his face, sat straight up, and said, "Please stop!  No more!"  Not the typical response to a good night kiss.

     Sawyer is laying next  to me now as I write this post.  He continues to twist, turn and cry out in his sleep.   Poor little guy.  Hate it for him!

     The more encouraging news is that Karen improved today.  I can tell she is getting a little more energy and strength.  She is experiencing some new pain near her incisions.   However, from what I am told,  this is typical as the nerve endings start to come back to life after being cut in surgery. 

    Overall, today was a bit of a bummer, but we are grateful, very grateful, that  there were no major issues regarding Sawyer's new kidney.   Huge relief!  Thank you God for your mercy.


the bjorks said...

a picture really is worth a thousand cute is that little guy, even in his state of despondency? praying that today is brighter for him, and that Karen the hero mom continues to regain strength and energy! Violin lessons just aren't the same without her!!!

Lori :) said...

poor little guy. I would imagine that kids can have almost some Post-traumatic Stress from so many surgeries, procedures, etc. I can't imagine going through all that as an adult. I have a friend who had so many as a kid to fix some congenital deformities, etc - that it actually caused her to feel almost violated physically in a sense (from all the bad touching - IV's, scalpels, the pain, having to be exposed to doctors and nurses constantly, etc). She's fine now and an amazing woman - but any sort of repeated exposure to something uncomfortable (more like - painful) can cause problems.
BUT - we have such a good and big God - who loves Sawyer a TON! So God - I pray that you will wrap your loving arms around Sawyer today. Take his pain, his memories of all pain, any bad experiences, and more - and give him peace and joy in return! Fill him up with so much of you - that the steroids can't even begin to cause him to rage. Change and alter even the chemistry of his body to respond in new ways - good ways. Heal his wounds (and Karen's!!) and take away all pain and residual effects - physically, emotionally, etc!
Thank you for your amazing protection, love, compassion and grace. Thank you for the amazing man of courage, grace and peace that you are creating Sawyer to be God! You truly are amazing - and have amazing plans for this little guy!
Bless Karen and Toby as they raise him up to be the mighty man of God, the mighty warrior that you've created him to be. Give them wisdom, insight, grace and patience as they see what you see in Sawyer, and they call out the "gold" that is in him (no matter what the outside - attitudes, experiences, etc are saying)!
Heal Karen today. Pain - be GONE! Pour your healing oil all over those incisions, and let them reattach, heal and come back to life without pain God. Give her supernatural energy and strength as she rests in your arms and your presence today! Let there be an abundance of peace within the home today - with the kids, and everyone. Peace, Peace Peace!
Thank you for your abundance, your mercy, grace and love! You truly are an amazing God!

Love you guys!! Praying every day!

Anonymous said...

Dear Toby, Karen and Sawyer just want you to know that just lifted you all up to our dear Lord Jesus. I praise Him for all He is doing in and through your family. I pray especially for precious little Sawyer. It breaks my heart that he would have horrors like that even in his sleep. Even as an adult during my cancer there were times that I too wanted to scream NO MORE,please no more. I can't imagine how it feels to five year old little child. But, as I said I will continue to praise Him for He is, has and will continue to do for you all. Your faith and trust is a blessing, encouragement and inspiration to us all. I'm also certain that you have been a tremendous testimony to all of the medical personell that have been around you. Such that you may never know until you get to Heaven. Love ya, thanks to the cross I am forever your sister in Christ,

susanchildress said...

still praying for you guys... amazed at how much you've been through and how far you've all come!! so sorry for the pain.... i will pray for healing and relief.

thankful for newness every day!! Jesus is for you!! much love, susan

Five Times Blessed said...

I am so glad to hear that the kidney is working. I remember being relieved when one of my nurses quickly stuck my arm about a half inch from my wrist for an IV one day. It was so much less painful than the arm. I pray that this gets easier for Sawyer. What a strong boy he is.

Five Times Blessed said...

I am so glad to hear that the kidney is working. I remember being relieved when one of my nurses quickly stuck my arm about a half inch from my wrist for an IV one day. It was so much less painful than the arm. I pray that this gets easier for Sawyer. What a strong boy he is.

Rosemary Balderston said...

Karen and Toby I am praying for your household tonight, as Lori said this am Peace. I pray for peaceful sleep and sweet dreams for the whole household but especially for Sawyer.