Friday, March 16, 2012

Transplant Factoid #4

Transplant Factoid #4 
After Tuesday, Sawyer will have three kidneys. 

     The recipient's kidneys are not removed during transplant surgery. They remain and eventually shrivel up. Sawyer's kidney's have already started to atrophy. Karen's kidney will be placed just below Sawyer's kidneys.  As Sawyer would say, "Fweaky".

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Dawn DeMille said...

That is "fweaky," Sawyer, but soooo cool! Isn't it AMAZING how GOD made our bodies to work and heal? Praying your little body fully accepts your mom's kidney!

Unknown said...

How cool is the medical world. Your family will continue to be in our prayers as Tues approaches, Tues itself and the days to follow. God is Awesome and Powerful and we know that your family is in the Best Hands. :)

Joy Haralick said...

Am praying and will continue to pray for Sawyer, Karen and your whole family, for successful surgery, total and uneventful recovery and for God's peace and assurance to surround you all, along with a real sense of His presence.