Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Necessary Evil

     Steroids.  They are the necessary evil in our life right now.  Necessary because steroids help prevent Sawyer's body from rejecting his new kidney and evil because steroids cause Sawyer to have unbelievable episodes of anger and rage. 

     Sawyer begs for food every five to ten minutes (literally).  He screams, says very hateful and insulting things, bites, punches, kicks and snaps without warning.  For his own safety and the welfare of those around him, there are moments when he has to be restrained until he calms down.  I hate those moments.

     I was looking back at a post I made on this blog the last time Sawyer started taking steroids, which was shortly after we found out his kidney's shut down.  He is expressing himself the same way now that he did then.   You can read that post by clicking here.

     This is a difficult time right now as we navigate through Sawyer and Karen's recovery.  Adding  steroid induced rage to the mix makes it feel almost impossible.  It's not impossible and God is giving us what we need to get through this, but it is a battle royale.

     Other than the steroid issue, Karen and Sawyer are progressing. Yesterday was horrible for Karen in the morning, better in the afternoon and horrible again last night.  I'll spare you the details of what horrible means.  Today though, she is doing much better.   Karen is a strong hero-mom.

     Sawyer had to go back to CHKD yesterday for blood tests and an examination.  We go for more blood testing tomorrow and we will be back in the clinic again on Friday.  Sawyer's doctor is keeping a close eye on him and his new kidney. We are so grateful for the diligence and expertise of his medical team. 


Tracie Heath said...

We're going to see Dr. Raafat at CHKD on Thursday for our kidney check, (Becca was only born with one). Maybe we'll see you there! Hang in there.

bo'sgirl said...

I love you guys. Thanks for the update and honest description of this struggle through recovery. My heart aches for you all. Now I know more specific areas for prayer.

Lori West :) said...

so sorry for the steroid rages. I am declaring and will continue to pray for that abundance of JOY that I see all over that boy! There is a mark of JOY on him! God - let that JOY override the effects of any and all medications - steroids or others!
Praying for total and quick healing for both you guys - Karen and Sawyer!! Sorry you've had some rough days. Lord - bring healing!!