Sunday, March 18, 2012

Roller Coaster Day

     This has been a roller coaster day.  It started low, went extremely high, and it's ending low again.

     We spent the morning at the children's hospital concerned that Sawyer may have peritonitis.  Peritonitis is bad any day, but today it would postpone the transplant.  We thank God that Sawyer's test was negative.  No peritonitis.

     Later in the day, many friends gathered with us to pray for Sawyer and Karen.  It was not only a high point of the day, but of our lives. 

     To have so many friends surround us with powerful, sensitive, compassionate, empathetic and heartfelt prayers... well, there are no words to adequately describe my thoughts and feelings right now.  Anything I would say would fall short of communicating how deeply we were touched and impacted.  God revealed Himself to us in a very special way through these people and their prayers. I'll never forget that moment.

     Unfortunately we are ending this day with some bad news.  The urologist, who will be extracting Karen's kidney on Tuesday, called this evening to report that he found beta strep in Karen's urine.  Beta strep is a Group B strep bacterium.  It is not the same thing as strep throat, which is Group A.  The urologist is not certain if this discovery will post pone the transplant.  He is consulting with the transplant surgeon. 

     We should know more tomorrow.  The urologist gave Karen a prescription for an antibiotic to begin immediate treatment. 

     Obviously, anticipation and tension are mounting as we draw closer to transplant day. Postponing the surgery would bring all sorts of challenges.  However, we do not want to get a head of God.  So, regardless of our feelings, we trust Him for the path we are on.   


Lori@Mothering Matters said...

Praying this possibly delay only gives God more time to restore those kidneys in Sawyer!!! :)

Love you guys!

Audrey Lewis said...

the POWERFUL witness/ testimony that GOD is buiding in your family as a result of trusting HIM through these ups and downs and go aheads and delays is UNBELIEVABLE and truly touching to the lives of those who are praying for's inconcievable how so many things could go so many directions waving to and fro like the wind AND YET.....BUT GOD has come through on every count and you have been steady as an anchor in praising HIM and trusting HIM and waiting on HIM and as we all know, GOD's delays are GOD"s ways at times and for very very good reasons and oft times to protect us, so praying with you that we all trust that GOD is in control and we dont rush ahead and get anxious for this, cause we want all to be ready, well, healthy and stable before they proceed ! I'm blown away by the constant praise and glory you give to GOD in this all .....HALLEJUAH, Toby and Karen. GOD is really using you both ......praying!

Unknown said...

Lord you know the needs of this family even more than they do. Lord, today is a big day to find out if tomorrow is a go. Lord, only do you know if this transplant needs to take place tomorrow. You know even more so than the doctors do. Lord, if this isn't Your timing I pray that you would show the doctors this isn't the right time. If it is your time then I pray that you prepare both Karen and Sawyers bodies for this transplant tomorrow. Lord, I pray for peace, wisdom, mercy, grace, comfort for this entire family. I pray that a feeling of peace will overwhelm them today that tomorrow is just something that they have to do, but to not be fearful of. You are so much BIGGER than all of this Lord, Show this family as only You can the directions they need to go on this journey they are traveling on. Prepare the doctors today for tomorrow. Allow them a clarity of thought, a good night sleep and wisdom that only comes from You for tomorrow surgery if it happens. In Your Precious Name We Pray, Amen!