Thursday, March 22, 2012

Catching up

     You may be wondering what happened to the rest of my day two post.  Well, let's just say it was an adventurous day of many highs and a few lows. 

     Karen is still in a lot of pain and not eating.  Her pain is controlled with a pain pump and Tylenol cocktail, but this keeps her sleepy.  Hopefully, she will start eating some today and moving around.  Moving is very important in this healing process.

     Sawyer is still excelling in his recovery. All systems are a go!  I mean... reeeeally going!

     Most people start off with a little chicken broth after surgery.  Sawyer had Doritos for his first meal.

     Sawyer's favorite thing that he has had to give up over the last several months is chocolate milk.  He drinks them so fast I can't get a picture, but here is one picture with another top request... chocolate ice cream!

It's not Cold Stone, but it will work.

     The highlight of yesterday was a visit from the brothers and sister.


Joy Haralick said...

Praising God that Sawyer is doing so well!! Doritos and chocolate ice cream! Wow! We'll keep praying for a continuing and complete recovery for him and for Karen, and that God will soon heal her pain and restore her health and energy. Prayers continue for all of you. Galilee Baptist Church in Gorham, Maine is praying and friends of ours--in many parts of the country are also joining in prayer. So there is a whole chorus of believers joining in prayer for you all.

May God continue to send His rich blessings your way!

Virginia said...

Continuing to lift Karen up in prayer for relief from the pain and that she will begin to eat and move around.

I am so excited and amazed at Sawyer and how fast he is coming around. It is truly a miracle that I am so happy I have been able to witness!


Anonymous said...

Love it! So exciting to see him so excited...can't wait to see him moving around again...Praises, praises, praises! Prayers continue for you all...especially Karen...I pray that her pain subsides and she can eat soon...thinking of you all often each day and night!
Lisa C.

Anonymous said...

Praising GOD for his grace on Sawyer. So happy for him that he can eat Doritos and chocolate ice cream and drink chocolate milk. Will continue to pray for pain control for Karen and an appetite.
Angie Hite, Clarksville, VA

Joan said...

We have been continuing in prayer and rejoicing with you, Toby. When we didn't see "the rest of the day two post," we figured you had to SLEEP, at least some time! Bless you and may the Lord strengthen you. I know you are running on adrenalin, but realize you have to also take care of yourself as the "big kahuna" you know? :)If you find out that Sawyer can see the Buddy Brigade teams, let me know and I'll make arrangements to bring up Cupcake! Love you all!