Sunday, March 25, 2012

T.M.I. Alert!

  Sawyer and Karen are still on the mend, but mending well.  Of course, Sawyer is far ahead of Karen in terms of recovery.  We have to help Karen get going while trying to slow Sawyer down.

Sawyer playing outside today with his buddy, Chase.

   T.M.I. Alert!  Sawyer stood up to pee today.  First time in 7 months!  Suddenly for a few brief seconds,  the entire universe seemed properly aligned.

     Sawyer heads back to CHKD tomorrow to get his new kidney checked out.  I think we have to go back twice a week for a while.  We will gladly deal with this inconvenience to ensure his new kidney stays healthy.  We appreciate your continued prayer. 


Virginia said...

I continue to be amazed by God's work! And the little things like standing to pee just make me smile and so happy! Karen, I will continue to pray for your healing. You are amazing!!! Sawyer, keep up the good job with your recovery!


the bjorks said...


susan childress said...

i cannot believe how well you all are doing.... :) but am so thankful to GOD for his healing!! still praying... love, susan

JJ said...

Praising God with you, Debause family!

Bax and Ruth said...

Thank you Lord for your amazing faithfuness!!
We have been well as friends of ours from here to Pa that are following the blog!
We are looking forward to a pic of Mom and son when Karen is up to it. Of course a family pic would be great too!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely full heart reading the updates and hearing how well everyone is doing. Praying extra for Karen to heal so she can further enjoy the joy! (if that makes sense)

Praising our Wonderful God for this gift of healing!

Joan said...

Dear Toby and Karen,
Thanks for the update on the trials alongside the victories. We have a sticky note on the kitchen cabinet which states simply, "Pray for the DeBause family." I didn't know just how meaningful that was until I read this morning's post. I do remember the tribulations you faced with Sawyer on steroids. Bless you all ... that IS so hard. You got through it before and this time you will too. Just keep your eyes on the prize and on the hope in Christ that we know is yours. Love you all,
Joan and Jan (Cupcake too)

PS YSTDY Cupcake and I were at CHKD, in fact, waiting for the elevator on the 5th floor ystdy about 3:30 p.m.! I thought of you all as I saw the "kidney clinic" sign. I'd mistakenly got off on the wrong floor, 5 instead of 2. God must have wanted me there to pray again.