Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rough Night

     Sawyer's blood pressure became very unstable last night. It went high and stayed high  for most of the night.  Four different medications were given to bring it down.  It's better, but they are still working through it.

     Also, Sawyer continues to feel pain during peritoneal dialysis (PD) and is traumatized by it.  He has an episode of pain every hour when the fluid from the PD cycles.  He received very little rest last night.  We are hoping that an adjustment can be made today to ease his pain.

     In the middle of the night, I heard a faint cry from him.  I went to his bedside and he said, "Dad, I'm scared."  As you pray for Sawyer's healing today, please pray that fear would be removed from his heart and mind.      


mommyof6children said...

I'm so sorry to hear this, I am praying for the Father's peace and comfort to be showered on Sawyer so that he will not fear. Praying for all of you, we love y'all.

thirddayfaith said...

Hearing your son tell you he is scared must have crushed your heart. Lifting Sawyer up in prayer asking the Lord to help him remain "fearless" in this battle he is 4 years of age he certainly inspires me with the courage he has already shown. I believe that God is more than willing to provide Sawyer with the needed strength and courage, as well as His uncommon peace to continue. This prayer include you and Karen as well.

Lord, please, take all the remnants of hope we hold on to and multiply them abundantly so that Your glory may be seen by all. Amen.

JJ said...

My <3 is SO broken for Sawyer and for you, as parents. How hard it is indeed to watch a loved one suffer. May God's grace carry you, and may He make a way, where there seems to be no way.

Praying for Sawyer to be pain free and worry-free.

God bless his little heart!

Anonymous said...

Tell Sawyer that his new friends in Gates Co., NC says hello and remind him that we will be with him in prayers through his laughs, pain, smiles, cries and all through his recovery. We are sending much love and comfort to him today and my God Bless you all:)


Kelly, Kaylee & Devin Frizzell

Joanne Rustad said...

I'm sadden with this pain and fear this is the unknown he is in. I have been threw this with my friend and know what your going threw. I just had air in my stomach and it was a lot of pain so he probably is hurting. When she did go home the night cleansing was a blessing. I pray to the lord that that time comes soon! I hope he can get to play it makes life a little more normal for him.

Joan said...

Dear Toby and Karen,

Of course, we agree with the other comments. How hard it is to watch your child be in pain or struggle with fear. We will continue to pray that He will feel the comfort God will provide, and I'm sure YOU were the human "stand-in" during the darkness of night. May God give you peace and strength.

"Be merciful to me, O God. Be merciful to me, for in YOU my soul takes refuge;in the shadow of Your wings I will take refuge till the storms of destruction pass by."
Ps. 57:1

Michelle said...

Oh, my heart is saddened for you all. We pray that you stay strong for Sawyer (for I know that I would have busted out in tears if I were hear my little boy say that he was scared) and the rest of your children. They are so precious, and I'm sorry that you are all going through this difficult time. Know that for as many people comment, ten more read what you post and pray. Please keep posting, and know that we are reading. Be safe during this storm, and keep us updated.

Raquel said...

If you can click on the above it is the song "Your Great Name" by Natalie Grant. A beautiful song!

Lisa Copeland said...

Sawyer...we are praying for you...that you feel God wrapping his BIG arms around you...we love you!!!

Unknown said...

Please know this will be my prayer until we hear God has removed his fear. Will also pray for you both in all of this that God will provide comfort, grace, peace, mercy and strength.

Lord, please touch this family tonight. Please comfort Sawyer of his fears and his pain. Allow him to see your loving arms wrapping around him through his loving and devoted parents. It is my prayer that you would comfort Sawyer tonight to allow him a good night sleep so his little body can rest and heal. Lord, I just pray for a healing of his little body. Guide the doctors hands as they try to make him better. If it is your will, Lord, we are praying for a miracle that Sawyer will be able to use as his life long testamony. Comfort this family with your peace that passes all understanding. In Your Precious Name, Amen :)

Gwen Kreger said...

you are still in my thoughts and prayers