Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Crazy Morning

Yesterday it was determined that gas and fluid from ileus was causing complications with Sawyer's peritoneal dialysis (PD).  His belly was so distended that the pressure was impeding the flow of dialysis. 

The doctor decided to stop the PD, let him rest, and send him to into surgery today to place a permanent catheter in Sawyer's chest.  After this, they will transition him back to hemodialysis. 

Sawyer has had complications with hemodialysis (blood pushing to the spine). He has blown through two femoral catheters in both sides of his groin.   IV's  have been placed so many times in his arms and legs that the vascular specialists are challenged to find new places to stick him.  IV ports only last about a day with Sawyer before they blow as well.  The thought of another surgical procedure seems outrageous.

 Karen and I have been praying since last night for Sawyer to be spared from today's surgery.  Since gas has caused issues with his PD, I encouraged the doctor to treat the gas last night.   She was reluctant because she did not think it would make a big difference and therefore we would still need the surgery.

Although, I asked the doctor to treat the gas, I determined in advance to not voice any concerns about the impending  surgery.  My hope and prayer was that Sawyer's belly would be so relieved by this morning that the doctor would second guess sending him to surgery and give his PD another try.

So, not only have we been praying for #1 and #2, last night we added "passing gas" to the prayer list.

Approximately, 30 minutes after we prayed last night, Sawyer's bowels started to move and he passed a lot of gas without intervention from any medication.  Later into the evening he started receiving medications to move things along as well.  By this morning, his belly looked almost completely relieved. 

Three different doctors examined Sawyer this morning and all three second guessed the surgery today.  They thought he had improved so much that they felt confident to try the PD again.  Yes!

As we started the PD, a test came back indicating a dangerous level of potassium build up.  Sawyer was immediately rushed to the intensive care unit (PICU) to treat him.  It was a flurry of craziness on our way to the PICU and in our first hour there.  At least 10 medical staff were working on him at the same time. 

In the middle of all of this hoopla, Sawyer's PD was started and it began working beautifully. When we started the transition to the PICU, the doctor requested the PD be disconnected.  The renal nurse knew we were getting a good result so she petitioned the doctor to change her mind about disconnecting.

At this point, we have been through several hours of PD and it has been very successful.  We are still in the PICU, the surgery is still scheduled for 4PM, but the doctor is becoming reluctant to move forward with surgery.  I think the decision will be made by 3PM.

This has been a hellish day.  I have not even begun to describe the drama that has played out today.   Karen and I hit a wall early on.  However, in the middle of this hellish, painful and chaotic day, it has been made clear to Karen and me that God is with us.  Not one bit of this escapes Him.  We do not know how this is going to end, but we are keeping our eyes on Him in this storm no matter how loud the thunder gets or where the lightning strikes.

I am well aware that many, many people are praying right now.  We are so grateful and encouraged by the love being poured into our family.

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Anonymous said...

Praying RIGHT NOW for favorable outcome and no surgery....Bev