Sunday, August 21, 2011

Tough Day... Sunday 08/21/11

Sawyer finally finished his dialysis.  They literally had to pause dialysis (because his catheter failed), leave his blood circulating in the machine, rush him to the PICU for the new arterial catheter and rush him back down to dialysis before his blood expired.  These CHKD people are incredible! 

It's been a tough day.  It broke our hearts to learn there are more issues lurking around the corner (see my last post). Tomorrow is shaping up to be another intense day. We head to the OR around 8:45 A.M. for the surgery to place the peritoneal catheter in Sawyer's belly.  Also, Karen and I begin our many hours of training to learn how to care for Sawyer and perform dialysis at home.

This day really stunk. Karen and I woke up anticipating a miracle for Sawyer.  Instead, we go to bed greatly disappointed and heartbroken for our boy.

Our disappointment is not in God.  Is it His fault that Sawyer is struggling?  No.  We live in a world that has fallen and, as a result, death, sickness, pain and suffering are all around us.  Sawyer is a casualty of this fallen and broken world.  So, no...  we are by no means disappointed by God.  How could we be?  He is our only hope.  So. we praise Him in this storm.

Sawyer is resting somewhat well at this moment.  Thank you for continued prayer. If this mountain continues to grow bigger, it will make a greater splash when it is tossed into the sea.


Gwen Kreger said...

My family, friends and I will continue to pray for your family.

audrey lewis said...

AMEN to your great words of praise to a sovereign GOD and to the evidence that you are not losing hope in our LORD, only disappointed and broken for your son and we are human and GOD understands....after all HIS son experienced it all....praying fervantly and awaiting for that HUGE SPLASH be tossed forever. AMEN. Love, Audrey Lewis

kellyH said...

many prayers for Sawyer and your family. May God continue to show himself strong to you & bring healing to Sawyer's body.

Jessie said...

For great is your love, higher than the heavens; your faithfulness reaches to the skies. Psalm 108:4 ~ Lord, lift up this family and may they feel Your love, mercy and grace in the midst of the storm. Calm their hearts Lord and may they find rest in Your loving arms. In Jesus' name...Amen. Continuing to pray for your family!

Mike and Kelly said...

Well said.

Lori :) said...

I love your last statement - "If this mountain continues to grow bigger, it will make a greater splash when it is tossed into the sea."
Standing in faith with you guys!
May there be continued peace in this storm!!!!
Lori :)