Saturday, August 20, 2011

Cathing up on Sawyer.

Many of our friends do not have access to Facebook.  Therefore, in this blog entry I'm copying all of my Facebook posts from the last few days. From this day forward, all of our updates should be available at or facebook.  Thank you for your continued prayers!

Wednesday 8/17/11
Taking Sawyer to ER. He has labored breathing, lots of swelling, fever, rash, etc. He had an adenoidectomy fri. Karen and I would appeciate your prayers.
Wednesday at 5:30am via mobile

It looks like sawyer is going to be admitted. He was/is having an allergic reaction. However, multiple tests are showing kidney abnormalities. Your continued prayers are much appreciated.
Wednesday at 7:06am via mobile

Sawyer's blood pressure and heart rate are too high.
Wednesday at 7:13am via mobile

My battery has almost expired. This will be my last update until I get a charger. Sawyer's condition has not changed. Not sure what to expect here. We covet your prayers and are grateful that God hears us. Its comforting to know that none of this escapes Him.
Wednesday at 8:09am via mobile

Sawyers kidneys have shut down.
Wednesday at 9:14am via mobile

Kidneys may be operating at 10%.
Wednesday at 9:16am via mobile

This is very intense. But God is revealing Himself to us. Very encouraging and comforting.
Wednesday at 9:18am via mobile

Dear Friends, thank you so much for your prayers. Right now Sawyer is on dialysis because his kidneys are not working. there are many questions and few answers. However, the doctor performed a biopsy on his kidneys and we are expecting the result after lunch time tomorrow. This should bring answers. Karen are so grateful for all of you that have been praying and trying to contact us.
Wednesday at 5:45pm via mobile ·

Many have asked how they can help. My parents are taking care of our other children. Where we need you is in prayer support. Also, we are asking our friends to send us Bible verses. We are reading these verses over Sawyer in prayer. God's Word is powerful. Also, karen and I have been very encouraged as we read these verses. And there have been many! I will continue to read them over him throughout the night.
Wednesday at 6:06pm via mobile

Thursday 8/18/11

A friend prayed this today: "Lord, we are so grateful for what you have done, desperate for what you can do". We are feeling desperate tonight. Lord, please heal our boy.
Thursday at 12:08am via mobile

we are speaking your prayers and verses over sawyer right now. We have no tests back, but the nurse believes there isincreased kidney production after observing his urine and reduced swelling. Lord, hear the crys of your people. Our boy is no better than any other child suffering in this intensive care unit. However, we boldly ask for your healing touch this morning. Please restore my boys kidneys.
Thursday at 4:04am via mobile

Sawyer is resting well right now. He is not labored in his breathing (another victory!) So many have been praying with us all night. Thk You!!
Thursday at 5:00am via mobile

Balloon popper: doc says no improvement with kidneys.
Thursday at 8:33am via mobile ·

Biopsy results coming within the next few hours. 2nd round of dialysis starting now. Cardiologist checking on him as well today. This is going to be a very significant day for Sawyer and the rest of our family. We cherish your prayers and verses that you are sending. We spoke those verses over Sawyer all night long.
Thursday at 11:20am

No results from the biopsy yet. We expect to hear this evening.
Thursday at 4:13pm via mobile

Big Stuff
by Toby DeBause on Thursday, August 18, 2011 at 8:02pm

Dear Friends, Sawyer's kidneys are very unhealthy. The doctor does not give us hope that they will recover.

Sawyer will have a surgery tomorrow to have a peritoneal catheter placed in his belly for continued dialysis. We will also start the process to get a kidney transplant. Thank you for your continued prayers. I will say more later, but this is the big stuff.

We are so grateful for the outpouring of support. I wish we could return all of the emails, calls, and texts. At the moment it is a whirlwind, we will return them soon. We are heartbroken. However, we serve an awesome God and your love is proof of this. Toby and Karen Gaab DeBause

Friday 8/19/11

Dear friends, we need rest today and to rest in His word. Love you all.

Sawyer's friends from CPC sent him balloons today. A great surprise after returning from dialysis

Saturday 8/20/11

critical 24 hours
by Toby DeBause on Saturday, August 20, 2011 at 7:43am

Dear Friends, Yesterday Sawyer let us all know that he was "done". He is tired of this place and all of the poking and prodding. The steroid treatment is making him even more aggressive in his anger and irritation.

We have been even more sensitive to him, pushing more conversations with medical staff to the hall way, as Sawyer is no dummy. He processes these conversations and it bring him more anxiety. Pray God's love will calm him.

The next 24 hours are critical. We slowed this process down anticipating a miracle. However, if his kidneys do not come alive, we will have to proceed with the surgery for the peritoneal catheter on Monday. We stand in confidence that our Lord is mighty to save and we continue to rest in His word.

This is an intense physical and spiritual battle. Your prayers, verses, and kindness mean more thank you know. Thank you.

New Post
It's very important that Sawyer pee as soon as possible! Please pray! (never thought I'd post something like this!!)

17 minutes later after posting on facebook....
Praise God! My boy justg pee'd!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, truth in the Lord be known..prayer works! Thank you Lord for even the small miracles for you little man!
Jeff, Sharon and Abbie