Monday, August 22, 2011

Out of Surgery! UPDATED

Minutes ago Sawyer came of of surgery.  Praise our Lord, the procedure was a success.  Of course, there were issues. The surgery time went way over. They found a hernia that will need to be addressed down the road. Also, his bladder was too full.  Not sure if that is going to be an issue going forward.  I have no time to type any thing else.  Thank you for your prayers.

Update: 2:13PM
Sawyer in a lot of pain.  Tough little man!
Starting dialysis very soon.  It sounds sudden, but the doctor hopes to get him through dialysis while he is "knocked out".  This is a battle royale for my little man. 


Deb said...

We'll take that as answered prayers!! Praising God for any and every bit of success!! Love you guys and praying. CPC family

JJ said...

Already your praises and current prayer requests are circling the globe as brothers and sisters in Christ intercede in prayer on Sawyer's and your family's behalf. I had a friend in TX just e-mail me for an update to share with her prayer warriors. :) May you and your family be encouraged, your faith strengthened, and may God be glorified in all.

Raquel said...

Toby and Karen - I can't imagine what you are going through, but I see your faith in our God coming through and it is awesome to see. I pray for the both of you - for rest, wisdom, and peace in the decisions you make. Only our God knows what the plan is for Sawyer and I will keep praying that you would not feel discouraged even when the reports do not sound hopeful. God has great and mighty things planned for all of you! Sending love to you!

Danielle said...

Hi DeBause family,
We know you from CCC supper club but haven't seen you since the last one! Anyway, we are staying updated through the blog and are in prayer for precious Sawyer. We are confident God is going to do great things through your family. Keep your eyes on Him, for He is faithful and unchanging.
Danielle Barger (& Adam & Charlotte)

George and Kim Speller said...

We are keeping you in our prayers. The Spellers

Sarah said...

I was sent the link to your blog from a friend. As a parent who has been down a similar path I know what a difficult path you are traveling and have ahead of you. My daughter went from healthy to liver failure then to liver transplant in 10 days, for what will forever be an unknown reason. CHKD is a great place to be. We will keep you in our prayers. 2.5 years after transplant our almost 4 year is living a happy and nearly 99% normal life. When it gets hard I pray on Philipians 4:6 Do not be anxious about anything, but through prayer, petition, and with Thanksgiving present your requests to God. We will be praying for you and Sawyer for strength, comfort, a donor, peace.

Angelle said...

Praying for you guys.

Anonymous said...

I love the video clip, Boss-man and Sawyer's impish smile! I can't stand the idea of him in pain and I'm praying the Lord's hand that made him will touch his little body and relieve any pain. We prayed Psalm 46 over all of you this morning.
Shannon and the girls

Pam, Lacie and Emalee said...

Lord God, please flood your healing into this family. If You so will it, Lord, allow Sawyer to be healed of his affliction. Whatever You will for this child, Lord God, please bless and keep this family in Your Divine Consolation. Through Jesus Christ, Our Lord, I pray. Amen

We Love You Sawyer and DeBause Family!!! XOXO, Pam, Lacie and Emalee