Friday, August 26, 2011

Home Stretch

Sawyer masked up for part of his dialysis
     Today was a good day.  Sawyer is experiencing very little discomfort with his dialysis.  His current session will last 18 hours.  We could not get the extension tubing needed to give him a longer leash.  So, he will have to ride it out in bed.

     He did get a break for a couple of hours today and we took a short walk around our pod.

     We are getting a baptism by fire in peritoneal dialysis (PD) this weekend as we are essentially on our own.  None of the  PD nurses will be in Saturday  because of the hurricane.  We were told we know how to do PD better than anyone in the hospital over the next 48 hours.  Scary, but the experts are a phone call away.

     Now that we have progressed in our training and Sawyer is stabilizing more and more everyday, we should be in the home stretch.  I anticipate Sawyer coming home on Monday or Tuesday. 

     It will be intimidating to do dialysis at home, but it should become second nature soon.  More of the "new normal".

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Joan said...

Amazing! God is giving you grace to do all that is necessary to do for Sawyer. HE will assist you in addition to the "experts" who are a phone call away. I'm glad you're safely where you won't lose power, at least we assume! We'll pray for your other chick-a-dee's and your parents who are in overseeing their care during "Irene's Visit." We thought we would leave ystdy, but today we decided to hunker down and stay put "safely" in Chesapeake! You are in our prayers!
Psalm 121