Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Steroids + Albuterol = !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

     Monday morning Sawyer was back in the clinic for routine labs and then he had to have a breathing treatment to replace one of the drugs that may have contributed to his allergic reaction.   It was quite a morning. 

     What happens when you give Sawyer prednisolone (steroids) and albuterol?  Well, you get a whole new level of Roid Rage.  I've watched Sawyer come unglued a lot, but this was something especially ugly. 

     He was calm and cooperative in the first 15 minutes of treatment, but the last 15 minutes was a battle royale.  He got so worked up that he eventually could not move his arms, legs, fingers or toes because of exhaustion.  It was  difficult to witness.  However, once he calmed down,  he started moving his extremities again after 5 minutes.

     We had to wait around for 2 hours to get the treatment, which added to Sawyer's angst.  However, one of the kidney clinic staff helped to get him out of the treatment center as soon as he was finished.  This was a big blessing.

Today's update:

     Sawyer's new kidney continues to perform like a champ. What else could we expect since he got the kidney from a champion?  The creatinine level in blood is a significant measurement for kidney function.  Sawyer's lab results today showed him at a beautiful level of .4!

     Sawyer continues to get his meds adjusted often.  Even if he did not have the allergic reactions, it takes a while to stabilize the meds, especially the anti-rejection drugs.

Karen improved today!  She almost made a pot of coffee!! 

     I can tell that Karen is getting stronger everyday and regaining some energy.  It's been slow.  Slower than we expected, but steady.  She has been going for short walks and spending some time sitting outside. 

     Karen is still wrestling with pain.  Her doctor gave her a new med today to help bring some comfort.  She has not had much more than ibuprofen for the last couple of days.  So, this will be a welcomed relief.


louantha said...

Thank you so much for the updates. Praying.....

the bjorks said...

wow! almost made coffee!!! that indeed is improvement! love your updates, toby. always praying for sawyer and his hero mom!

Joan said...

Yes, I second the comment of being thankful for your updates. It makes us sensitive to your trials and victories and helps us know how to pray. Love you all! Hang in there ... God is at work. Joan & Jan

Unknown said...

Still praying! Thank The Lord for the progress.

thea said...

He needs a punching bag or a hammer and nails to pound into a board! Something safe to release all the energy - incredible !