Wednesday, April 25, 2012

"I'm afraid I won't wake up."

     Tomorrow Sawyer heads back to CHKD to have to stent removed from his new ureter. 

Transplant factoid #5: The donor's ureter goes with the kidney during transplant.

     This stent runs from the kidney through the transplanted ureter to the bladder.   It helps to prevent post-surgical inflammation from restricting or blocking urine flow, which would be unspeakably horrible after a transplant.

     This procedure will not require any incisions. However, Sawyer will be put to sleep. 

     We just told Sawyer about the procedure a few minutes ago.  Although we assured him of no more "cuts",  he was very disappointed.  He was calm, but alligator tears started rolling down his cheeks.

     I asked him what was scaring him.  He said, "I'm afraid I won’t wake up".   Later he said, "I don’t want to have two mouths again".  It is not unusual for him to hallucinate a bit and have weird dreams as he tries to shake off the anesthesia post surgery.

     Although it's a simple procedure, he does not understand that very well.  Who could blame him?  It has not been simple since August.  He's a very smart 5 year old and thinks about all of this stuff.  So, he is anxious.

     Please, if you are praying,  ask God to give Sawyer peace regarding this procedure.  The "formula" for peace is to ask for God's help with what is bothering you and spend the rest of the day thanking Him for the blessings you have already been given.  My take on Philippians 4:6-7.  So today, we will practice this with Sawyer.  Thank you for praying with us.


Danielle said...

Definitely praying for Mr. Sawyer tomorrow. I like your take on the verses. Something I can apply to my life too! :)

JJ said...

Praying for Sawyer!

I remember our own son having such a horrid reaction to a drug when put under for surgery. When he awakened, our son was combative with me, and I could see that "he" was not really there at all. It scared me, and for the next times, the doctors knew by my description what it was, and this has never happened again.

Anonymous said...

certainly will be praying for Sawyer and oh my goodness, is he ever so very precious and a smart little man, to be sure......Poor little guy to have so many concerns, but LOVE your take on Phillipians and how you pray for your concern and ask GOD for peace, then hand it up and start thanking and praising HIM for HIS faithfulness and all that HE has done and will continue to do .PRAISE IS THE KEY THAT UNLOCKS EVERY FEAR ! IT has to leave in the presence of PRAISE !

Joy Haralick said...

Praying for dear little Sawyer and for you all. Prayer and praise are wonderful. They are tributes to our Creator and Saviour and are also healing and calming for us--helping us stay closely anchored to Him.

May the Lord send peace, health and healing to Sawyer and to you all, and may the surgery and its aftermath be successful and non-eventful. And may Sawyer wake up from it in a happy, peaceful state of mind, ready to be a busy, active little boy.