Monday, April 9, 2012

Give an inch and he'll take a…

scooter over a bike ramp!

     The doctor said Sawyer could run,  jump and play, but I'm not sure she understands just how far he'll go to test those limits.  So I'll keep the doctors release a secret from Sawyer for a little while longer.


     Karen continues to improve each day.  She is up to making full pots of coffee! Yeah!!   I am so grateful that she is in less pain, recovering well and keeping us caffeinated.  It's still been a few sleepless nights.

    Sawyer's new kidney is still functioning well. PTL!  The docs are still tweaking to his anti-rejections drugs.  I just got a call seconds ago to increase one of his anti-reject meds. Hopefully, this will stabilize soon.

     Sawyer's Roid Rage continues to ravage the peace and harmony of the DeBause home.   So, Sawyer had a consult with a CHKD psychiatrist today.  The consult went well. This doc is not too quick to prescribe more meds. We are grateful, but a few blow darts would help occasionally.  Seriously, the doc gave us some good tools to help manage the Roid Rage. We'll see how it goes. 


Bo said...

These are precious to be saved for life! What wonderful shots and sound. It's also great to read that Karen is doing well and making coffee. Blessings to all.

the bjorks said...

that is hilarious!!! toby, does he get that daredevil spirit from you???

Andrea Driscoll said...

Oh Toby, what a joy it is to see Sawyer running and playing. The film made me laugh out loud. I will continue to pray for your family, as Christ holds your precious family in His hands. We are still planning to see everyone at the ball
field. Sawyer has a NY Yankees, hat and shirt coming in this week, for just him! His coach Ron, and all of HRHS family are excited for even a surprise appearance from Sawyer to step up at the bat as many times as he want to, or should. Blessings, Stuart and Andrea

Courtney said...

LOL I love his response - "Dad, the kidney's fine." You SO have your hands full with him! Awesome to see. Praying for all ya'll as you continue to navigate the waters of Sawyer's health.