Thursday, August 30, 2012

Round Two

     Last week, Sawyer finished round two of his IV therapy at CHKD to help fight his newest challenger,  the BK Virus.  Each therapy session lasts about 7 hours, but Sawyer tolerated it much better this time.

     The good news is that the first round of therapy landed a few punches on the virus.  The levels of the virus in his system are reducing.  It's not a knock out, but we are in this fight!

     The not-so-good news is that the virus has made its way into Sawyer's blood.  Although we were hoping it would not, our doctor was not surprised given the high level of the virus in his urine.

     Thanks for the continued prayer!   This puts you ringside for the knock out of BK in the near future.

    Round One



Deb said...

We will not give up this fight! Praying for victory.

louantha said...

Continuing to pray!!!

Lori :) said...

Praying for a massive KO soon!!
Be gone virus!!!

Joan said...

Your sweet little man, thumbs up, is a perfect reminder for our continued prayers. We love you and pray for a victory in this battle. Glad to hear there is progress, at least.

J & J Benson