Monday, August 6, 2012

This Has Nothing To Do With Burger King

     We found out today, through a routine urine test, that Sawyer has the BK virus. We have a lot to learn about this virus, as we just found out hours ago, but we know it can be very harmful to Sawyer's  new kidney if not treated quickly.  It appears we caught it early because they screen frequently for this virus and it was just discovered today.

     Sawyer will go through 6 hours of IV therapy in the hospital this week and again in the next two weeks. There is no cure, but the hope is to knock this virus down to the point it will not jeopardize  Sawyer's kidney.

     We appreciate your prayers regarding this virus.  Also, please pray concerning Sawyer's growth.  Sawyer should be growing with the new kidney, even a little "make up" growth.  However, this is not happening for him.  He is  below the 10th percentile in height. The doctor recently adjusted Sawyer's  steroid dosage and other tests will be performed soon. 

     Sawyer is bothered by his height especially as he sees all of his friends growing taller.   The other night he asked Karen if eating grapes would make him grow.  We hope so!


Lori :) said...

Grapes hunh? Maybe that's why my son jacob and sister Michelle are tall! :)

louantha said...