Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Round One

     Sawyer completed his first round of IV therapy today to knock down his newest challenger, the BK virus.  It was a long six (plus) hours, but he was able to sleep through a good portion because of a dose of Benadryl.  The Benadryl was a proactive measure to help prevent an allergic reaction to the Cidofovir and IVIG pumped into him.

Sawyer loves to save the orange fingers for last.

     Sawyer's doctor had some very encouraging news for us.  The virus has not yet entered into his blood.  They caught this virus so early that it is only in his urine and we pray it goes no further. 

     Also, his doctor was very reassuring regarding this treatment protocol.  Her protocol is much more aggressive in the treatment of BK virus than other nephrologists and she has experienced remarkable results.

        Sawyer's doctor believes this treatment will knock this virus down long enough for his immune system to take over in the coming months and keep it at bay.  Again, there is no cure, but his own body should be able to manage the virus on its own in the near future.

     Thanks for all the prayers today!  Keep'em coming!


JJ said...

Believing BK was KO'd!

freeman's said...

We continue to Prayer for you Sawyer

Jill said...

I will keep praying for your family!!!!

Pat and Tom Persons said...

We are keeping up with you, Sawyer, through our son, Doug Persons. My Sunday School class is continuing to pray or you also.
You are in our prayers for this virus to be K O'd very soon.

Pat & Tom Persons
San Antonio, Texas