Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Going up.

     Sawyer's potassium level continues to rise.  So, no rest for his belly, he must start dialysis now.  

     The PD Nurse just started his 16 hour therapy.  This dialysis session has to run longer than his typical 10 hours. They are cautiously using a lower volume of solution since his peritoneal cavity was penetrated during surgery today.

     Sawyer is very quiet and continues to have a lot of pain.  Of course, he just had a piece of plastic poked completely through his abdomen and attached through his stomach.  Tough kid! #gratefulforpainmeds


Unknown said...

Poor lil' guy!!! We have prayed all day for him and will continue to pray for all of you.
Lord provide comfort tonight as Sawyer has to go through this tonight. Put Your hand on his body and more specifically his tummy and absorb the pain for him.
Be with the doctor's as they treat him through the night. We know that night times are often the hardest to get through.
Be with Mom and Dad and give them the strength to get through all of this. Give the the strength to be strong for Saywer the his siblings too. Provide them with a peace that passes all understanding as they continue on this journey You have them on. We know you have a special plan for all of this. In Your time we pray you will reveal this plan.
Lord, be with the remainder of Sawyer's family as they watch all of this going on. Give them the grace to endure all of this as well.
Help this family to feel the loving arms of all who love them during this difficult time.
In Jesus Name We Pray, Amen.

Joan said...

We're glad to hear the surgery went well, and your helpful "factoids" on the transplant are, indeed, fascinating! We will pray for grace over each step of the way, but for now ... Dear Lord, give Sawyer rest and peace, despite the tube he has just acquired and the potassium levels that caused a longer than usual dialysis. We ask you, Lord, our Father/Abba/Daddy, to protect and heal this family who love and serve you with their whole heart. Thank you, Lord, for hearing our prayers. We love you and will give you the glory for all the answers. J & J Benson

bjorks said...

continually praying :)