Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Back on Track!

   Good news!  All three of Karen's re-tests came back with good results this time.  Therefore, Karen is back on track to complete the rest of her testing to be Sawyer's kidney donor. 

   We thank God that there are no health issues for Karen and that she can continue the donor process. Next test for Karen… CAT Scan.

Sawyer Update:
Sawyer was slow bouncing back from last week's surgery.  We debated taking him to the E.R. over the weekend, but decided to wait.  On Monday he showed a big improvement and he continues to improve today.  Thank you for praying.


Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord :)

Audrey Lewis said...

Great and encouraging news ! prayers continue .

Joan said...

We are also grateful to the Lord! So happy that both Sawyer is doing better and Karen passed her tests with top marks! Will pray for her CT scan to show positive results. Love you guys!

Lori :) said...

Love the kidney drawing! :)

Unknown said...

Oh this is great news!! Big hugs to everyone and so glad to hear Sawyer is feeling better now from last weeks surgery!!!
Thank You God for this great news!! :) In Your Name, Amen

Bax and Ruth said...

Praise God for continued faithful answers![Is someone taking up a second career as a graphic artist?!]
He has preserved and prepared Karen's body "for such a time as this". We sense the" birth-pangs" as His "delivery" time draws near.1 Tim.1:17