Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fweaky, but...

     The other night, as I was hooking up Sawyer to his dialysis machine, he declared, "I like my g-tube." I was a bit stunned.  Then he said, "It's fweaky, but I like it.  I don’t taste the meh-i-sin no more."

     Wow.  As I continue to loathe the little foreign object rooted into my son's belly, he is adjusting to it very well.  Tough little guy!

     Sawyer has still not bounced back from his last surgery.  He is not feeling well , especially in the morning and evening.   He throws up almost every morning and his blood pressure has been consistently too high.  The high blood pressure is causing headaches and dizzy spells.

     As always, Sawyer is getting great care. Adjustments are been made daily to his dialysis.   Hopefully, he will level out soon.

     We are still waiting for the urologist to review Karen's CT Scan and clear her for the transplant.  initial reports are good and we anticipate getting the green light from this doctor. 

     After this, there will be at least one other blood test and a few more meetings.  We are on track for transplantation in mid to late March.


Audrey Lewis said...

Sawyer touches your heart when you read his comments and the great little attitude he has about all the trials he's been through is really something ...not to mention how he remains an inspiration of what it means to enjoy each day to it's fullest and savor the good in every day. What an amazing little guy. You are blessed and prayers continue for him to regain strength from this last surgery and not be so sick everyday and for Karen to get the go ahead for the surgery in GOD's time !

JJ said...

Reminds me of the verse in the Bible "...and the young shall lead". SO glad that Sawyer is at peace with his g-tube, which in turn, can relieve your stress. Thank you, Lord!