Wednesday, December 14, 2011

More Good News

     More good news!  Sawyer had his hearing tested today and his audiologist says it is "perfect". 

     Some kids with genetic issues like Sawyer have hearing problems and many other issues.  Sawyer's doctor has been ruling out other problem areas.  For today, we can check this one off the list. WooHoo! 

     We are grateful for God's mercy and provision for our boy!


susan Curles said...

Yea, Yea. GOD is so good. We thank HIM for our many blessings!

thea said...

This time of year is about Good News! The BEST news! Jesus became man , suffered with us, and redeemed us back to a relationship with The Father.

I think you have been called to reproduce the "pattern of His sufferings".(II Cor. 4:10)
God suffered when He gave His Son to save others. You are suffering with your son, while you labor to save lives not yet born.

You are blessed to be chosen to suffer, yet God hears your prayers, and because of Jesus, can also heal Sawyer.

I hope this will be a "Good News" Christmas to each and everyone one of your families.

thea said...

Actually, Phil 3:10 was the verse I quoted - both great passages.

Unknown said...

This is wonderful news!!! Thank You God for this blessing.
Merry Christmas to your entire family!!

JJ said...

Praise the Lord for any and ALL good news! Yay...and hallelujah!

Anonymous said...

Hi Debause family!

My boyfriend, David, and I sat a couple seats down from you guys and Sawyer weeks ago in church. We were overwhelmed with his overall "cuteness" and have been observing him affectionately ever sense.

I had heard months back about the "Debause family" and their son "Sawyer" who was suffering numerous medical issues. Until you got up for the Advent, though, I hadn't connected the dots that the cutest little boy that we sat with in church was the same Sawyer I had heard so much about.

In my "This Week at CCC" e-mail I saw the sidebar with your prayer request and the link leading to your blog. I am so encouraged by your faith through all of this trial and want you and your family to know that there is one more sister in Christ praying for your precious son and your family as a whole. You have blessed me with your updates and joy in the midst of tribulation. I rejoice with you at the latest great news and know it is only by God's grace that we can walk through this experience with you and rejoice with you. Thank you for sharing.

God bless you all!

-Rachel Paul