Tuesday, December 13, 2011


DeBause.com has been Sawyer.com for good reason these last several months.  However, today is a good day to shift the focus because it is Emma Marie DeBause's 12th birthday!

Her birthday wish was predictable … clothes and money for more clothes.  She got her wish.

Here are some fun facts about Emma…

She will make you laugh.
Her brother is 12 too for two more weeks.
She eats a lot.
She laughs a lot.
She is remarkably gifted at basketball but insists on playing soccer.
She is God's girl.
She is my girl too.

Happy Birthday Pooh Girl!


bjorks said...

once a cotton pickin' cute baby is now a cotton pickin' beautiful girl! Happy Birthday, Emma!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Emma,
We hope you have a wonderful birthday.
Ms. Heidi and Katarine from Friday park day group. :)

Deb said...

She is also excellent in home decorating, food preparation, babysitting, choreography, creativity, etc. etc. And oh yeah - You forgot to mention how absolutely gorgeous she is!! I love her!!!

Joan said...

What a beautiful young lady! I know you're proud parents, and well you should be. Enjoy this year of being her being 12, dear friends! It's a special season of grace. :)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful girl...Lisa C.