Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sawyer Update 11/23/11

     Last week we learned that the insurance company will not pay for the tests needed to determine Sawyer's syndrome.  They also let us know that an appeal to their decision would most likely fall short.  This is frustrating because we felt like we were getting closer to some answers.
     In the long run, this is not helpful to Sawyer and I don’t think it will bring savings to the insurance company.  Sawyer's syndrome, whatever it is, impacts several areas of his body.  Knowing what the syndrome is would help the doctors know what to expect and begin intervention now.  Aren’t we always told its cheaper to maintain something than to neglect it until it breaks down?  This is painfully true in my budget.  It will be true for the insurance company as well.

     Either way, our doctor is appealing the decision and she will do anything she can to get Sawyer the best possible care.  What a blessing to have such an incredible advocate!

     Sawyer seems to be walking better.  His limp is less pronounced.  He will see an orthopedic specialist soon to help determine the best next steps regarding his hips and skeletal dysplasia.  Overall, he has been hanging in there. There is no great drama to report, which is a very good thing!

     The entire family has been a bit cranky lately.  So, we pulled the plug on the TV and the rest of the electronics.  The DeBause family loves our tech toys, but we have found in the past that an occasional sabbatical from this stuff does much good.  It pushes us to refocus on more important  things and the most important thing.

     Life became more peaceful within hours of the announcement to the kids of the no-tech week.  They are playing and working well together.  Two nights ago, the kids were choreographing a dance to their favorite Bison song.  Ben made me promise not to put it on the blog.  Bummer, because it is good!

     Thank you for your continued prayers for Sawyer's healing!


thirddayfaith said...

I have no idea how God intends to answer this need...but I trust Him in that He is right now in the process of making all the provisions to fulfill each need you and each member of your family has. And...these provisions will be more than you would have imagined asking for.

Praying for you with a confidence that comes from my own experience in God's faithfulness to provide when things couldn't look any worse! Only God can lift our faces up when we feel to weak to move. May His comfort bring you peace and give you rest.

The Becker Family said...

God always has the final fact He is The Word...regardless of
insurance companies,policies,etc.
Yes, we can already give thanks...knowing He has already resolved each concern.
Have a Blessed Thanksgiving!

Unknown said...

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving and please know we have not stopped praying for Sawyer or your family.
You are doing an amazing job at handling all of this. God is in complete control. More than the insurance company is. God will work all of this out for good as he always does.
Big Hugs!!