Wednesday, November 9, 2011

New Issue, Procedure Tomorrow

Sawyer has been limping  for a while.  However, over the last few days, he has been struggling to walk when he awakes in the morning and the limping is more pronounced.

Because of all the other issues, his doctor intended to give Sawyer a full skeletal scan.  So, we went ahead and scheduled it today considering the trouble he has experienced these past few days.

In addition to the skeletal scan (full body x-ray).  Blood work and an ultrasound was performed.  The ultrasound revealed some fluid in his hip.  It may be an infection.  However, they are going to do a procedure on him early tomorrow morning to remove the fluid.

We would greatly appreciate your specific prayers for this issue as you continue to pray for Sawyer's complete healing.  Not sure what this new thing is, but we trust we will have answers tomorrow.  

We cherish your prayers.  I am sorry that I have not been able to update the blog in recent days.  Life has been in overdrive [understated] and there has been no time.  However, I know many of you continue to pray for him daily.  We have been greatly comforted and strengthened by your prayer.  Thank you!


Anonymous said...

On it!

Anonymous said...

On it!


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Unknown said...

Continuing to pray bro!

Anonymous said...

Every morning that I wake up and go outside there's a beautiful blue sky surrounding me. I look up and smile and I say a big prayer for you. We're thinking of you in North Carolina :))

louantha said...

Continuing prayers for Sawyer