Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Raw and Intense

Today's update 10/11/2011:
     Sawyer experienced a lot of pain during his dialysis last night and this morning.  He bounced back very well as the day went on and we are praying for a better night tonight.

Video from the hospital:
    I was unaware that we accidently recorded some candid video of  Sawyer in the hospital during one of his steroid fits. This video is raw and intense, but  it will give you a sense of what we have been dealing with since he started taking the steroids.


Unknown said...


Dee said...

Ha! Now you know why I was so crazy the last two years I worked for you, I was on STEROIDS!! :)
We are praying that Sawyer has a peaceful night, and that the days do not feel like this video.

Lori West :) said...

LOL! Love it!
Man - those steroids have made Sawyer ripped!! :)

bjorks said...

you guys are TOO FUNNY!!!!!!!

Erica said...

Next we will see him before a comittee of congress asking if he actually took them or thought they were something else?

Erica said...

next we will see him go before Congress and say he didn't know he was actually taking them...he wasn't sure what they were and he can play baseball not soccer:)

Unknown said...

It was absolutely wonderful to see Sawyer and everyone at the park today. :)
Praying your weekend will be equally as nice.
Heidi and Katarine :)

Kim Conroy said...

hahaha! I thought this was a video about HORMONES!!! I SO understand, Sawyer. Hang in there little buddy (and big buddies Toby and Karen), God has good things ahead - even when they're hard to see.