Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Update 10/05/2011

     Sawyer's episodes of pain continued throughout the night and became even more intense this morning.  Each episode lasts 10 to 15 minutes and 5 of those minutes are excruciating for him.

     We have been in contact with the kidney clinic throughout the day.  Sawyer's doctor suspects that one of his new medicines is causing the issue.  We have stopped giving him this med and will try a new one soon.  Also, he will have more tests done on Friday morning including an ultrasound.  Hopefully, the pain will have subsided by that time.

     Although the pain is intense, Sawyer does not appear to be in any danger and we are grateful that we do not have to return to the hospital. We trust his doctor's discernment as she and the rest of the renal team are first class and take great care of Sawyer.  We continue to be grateful for God's provision through them. 


Unknown said...

Thanks for the updates. We are continuing to lift y'all up in prayer.

Jill said...

I will continue to lift you ALL up in prayer.