Thursday, October 6, 2011

Partying Thru The Pain

     We are back on the roller coaster again, but hoping the ride will be short this time.   So, buckle up for the update…

     Sawyer continues with the belly pain, but we have a few more issues to work through.

     Today he fell when he stood up for the first time. We caught him and then he had a horrible episode of the "belly" pain. So bad, he could not cry out because he was struggling to breath through it. Very hard to watch, harder for him to go through.  It lasted 10 minutes and it wore him out as he slept for 3 hours after it ended.

     He continued to have these episodes throughout the morning.  Then, the one time he tried to walk, he walked across the room and stopped.  A puzzled look  appeared on his face, he wobbled and started to fall.  We caught him again.

     This time it was not pain related.  He said his eyes were "freaky" and said he was "dizzy".  This continued for about ten minutes.

     The next issue was the most "freaky" (to borrow a Sawyerism).  He lost his sight for a few seconds when he sat up.  We suspected that this happened before, but he clearly communicated to us this time.  He said he could not see and everything was dark.

     After much consultation with the medical team, the loss of sight was caused by orthostatic hypertension.  His blood pressure is actually too low today.  So, they feel confident this is the cause of his momentary blindness.

Sawyer's blood pressure has been low since yesterday and they also suspect he is dehydrated.  So, today we are holding off on all BP meds, giving him some salty foods (Doritos are his preferred chips) and releasing him into a Slurpee binge.  

     Basically, we are partying through the pain. So, go get yourself a Slurpee today in honor of Sawyer and say a prayer for him.  Thanks for caring! 


The Frizzell's said...

We love you SAWYER! Devin & Kaylee wanted to bring you another Slurpee today, but I told them maybe later:) We are praying for you and think about you ALL THE TIME!

Kelly, Kaylee & Devin

Gilmore Girls said...

Oh - the Gilmore Girls are praying for you. My heart aches for your hearts. I will ask God to give me some words of encouragement for you.

Five Times Blessed said...

I've been keeping up with the updates and praying for Sawyer and you all. May God's healing power lift the pain and heal Sawyer's body. Love to you all. Helen (and Charles)

Unknown said...


I thought about you today as I read this and I wanted to share it with you. You have never left our prayers and we are constantly thinking of Sawyer and all of the DeBause clan.