Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Preparing for a Funeral

Last Tuesday, Dad Gaab was rushed to the hospital unresponsive and in critical condition. The doctors encouraged the family members present to summon the rest of the family because they believed he would pass away within twelve to twenty-four hours.  

After receiving the call, we frantically packed. When I reminded Karen to gather funeral attire for herself and the kids, we simultaneously burst into tears. This grim reality check was painful but unavoidable.

Even with rush hour traffic and one potty break, we made the trip in a record time of seven hours. Arriving at midnight, Karen’s sister, Jan, greeted us at the hospital and escorted Karen to her dad’s bedside.

Throughout that night and the next day, Dad’s condition continued to get worse. His kidneys were shutting down and the kidney doctor told us that Dad would go soon peacefully as a result. We were grateful that Dad would not suffer more, but it was all still horribly surreal.

Dad made it through Wednesday, which gave most of the family an opportunity to get into town and see him. It also gave us more time to pray.

Kathy Gaab had a special experience during her prayer time for Dad late Wednesday night. Special indeed! On Thursday morning, Dad’s kidney doctor said “a miracle is happening here”. Dad’s kidney function began to improve! It was only a slight improvement, but this marked a dramatic turnaround in light of Dad’s rapid decline just hours before.

Every day since Thursday, Dad has continued to improve and it is anticipated that he will soon leave the hospital. On Sunday, he was even sitting in a chair, enjoying conversation with his grandkids and looking for his razor so that he could have a good shave.

We went to Pittsburgh preparing for a funeral. We have returned praising God for His intervention and healing.

As I write this, I am sensitive to several friends and family members who are facing life threatening illnesses. I am even more resolute in praying for you. I trust that the Gaab family’s recent experience will encourage you and give you hope that God can reverse the irreversible.

Dad’s miracle is another reminder that God is real and that death has no power over Him. God pulled our dad away from the brink of death, God brought His own son back from the dead, and He has a plan and a better place for those that do eventually pass on if they place their faith in Him.

I’m learning that the more we understand the power, the love and the wisdom of God, the easier it is to take steps of faith towards Him. My friend, Jim H., understood this. After a yearlong battle with cancer and thousands of prayers for his healing, Jim passed away last week. Throughout Jim’s struggle with cancer, I heard him give many accounts of God‘s power, love and wisdom. This gave Jim great strength and faith as he prepared for his own funeral.

I have a bad memory, but I will not forget all that has happened in the last few weeks. Thank you for your prayers and concern for Dad and the family.


Deb said...

Praising God with you all! What a wonderful testimony to His faithfulness. His hears our prayers and petitions! So exciting when he allows us to witness His awesome power.
Love, Deb

The Monkey Barrel said...

Praise the Lord! Been praying for you guys a lot

Anonymous said...

How exciting to see the hand of God extended to His people. What a wonderful experience for your children to be able to witness this event for their own. They will never forget it. Praise God for His healing power!