Wednesday, March 20, 2019

On Second Thought

     At the end of last evening, Sawyer said, "good night" and started walking towards my bedroom. I indignantly asked him where he was going and he confidently responded, "I'm sleeping in your room."  He's 12 years old.  He needs to be in his own bed.  However, on second thought, it made complete sense that he would head that direction, especially last night because it was on the eve of Kidney Day.  Kidney Day is the DeBause holiday where we celebrate the anniversary of the day my hero wife Karen donated her kidney to Sawyer. 

     For six months prior to transplant, Sawyer slept in our room every night tethered to his dialysis machine.   Our bedroom was his refuge and the place where he was being kept alive by 10 hours of dialysis.  So, it's an important place for him.  I think he would move back in if he could.  He can't.  He has to move on and receive all that God has for him in this life, but he is welcomed back on occasion and last night was the perfect occasion.

     Today marks the seventh anniversary of Kidney Day.  I am so grateful to the Lord Almighty for sparing my son and giving him many more days on this side of eternity through the sacrificial love and gift from his mother.  What she did is so Jesus-like.  Some friends and I are reading all of the eye witness testimonies of the life of Jesus that are found in the Bible. Today's reading was Jesus laying down his life for us all.  There is no greater love and Karen reflected that love on this day seven years ago. 

     I read that passage in my favorite reading spot, the corner chair in my bedroom.  It was dark and I couldn’t turn on the light because Sawyer was sleeping on the floor at my feet.  So, I read from my tablet.  As I was reading, Sawyer startled me as he suddenly started  pounding his heels on the floor and waving his arms in the air.  I thought he was having a nightmare, but then he mumbled, "It's Kidney Day", rolled over and went back to sleep.

     We love celebrating Kidney Day! It is a one of the best days. We praise God for this day and all of the provision and love that He showered on us through our friends and family and continues to pour out on us as we walk this path.

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