Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Pop goes the...

     Sawyer's surgery was successful today, but the doctor made a surprising discovery during the procedure.  Turns out, Sawyer's ureter had partially popped out from his bladder.  There was not enough of his ureter in the bladder for the bladder muscle to properly contract around it.  Therefore, urine easily back-flowed into the kidney causing the infections.

     The doctor believes Sawyer's ureter popped out because he is a "chronic holder". Good thing Sawyer has been going through Pee Pee Boot Camp.  If he does not maximize his potty breaks, he will have more serious issues in the future. 

     Although the ureter could not be placed into its proper position, the Deflux procedure corrected the back-flow (re-flux).  Sawyer is home and resting well.  He came home with a foley catheter.  So, he will stay put until we remove it tomorrow.

     Thank you for all of the prayers. Although this was a minor procedure, we take none of them for granted.  We are grateful for the excellent team at CHKD and great friends and family. 

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JJ said...

Glad all went well and that you have a greater understanding of what is going on. Continuing to lift up Sawyer and the rest of the DeBause family in prayer.