Monday, July 15, 2013


WARNING:  EXPLICIT PDL* CONTENT.  Read at your own risk.
You have captured my heart,
    my treasure, my bride.
You hold it hostage with one 
 glance of your eyes...
          Song of Solomon 4:9
    My wife is beautiful from head to toe...inside and out.  However, I can hardly pull myself away from her eyes.  They captivate me.  I gaze into her eyes and never tire. 

     Today marks 18 years of marriage to Karen (or 225 months of dating) and I'm still held hostage by her eyes. 

      Every year I update the following list.  So here it is with the it's newest addition-- #18. 

Reasons Why I Love Karen
(No Particular Order)
By Toby DeBause (Karen’s Husband)

  1. She desires and seeks after God.
  1. What you see is what you get. Genuine. No pretense.
  2. Her integrity can never be disputed.
  3. She is an incredible mother.
  1. She has a great ear and loves to use it.
  2. She snores only on occasion.
  1. She never gives up.
  2. I know she loves me
  3. She knows great coffee.
  4. I trust her completely
  1. I’d be lost without her.
  2. She never gets mad at me when I ask for help finding my keys.
  1. She is my best friend.
  1. She inspires me.
  2. She is beautiful
  3. She goes where He leads.
  1. She gives all for the ones she loves.
  1. Her eyes.

Year 14 Video. 
Hit the full screen button after it starts or buy reading glasses.

*Public Declaration of Love (PDL)

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