Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Bladder up!

     Sawyer has a procedure tomorrow at CHKD. They are doing a test that will push dye through a catheter in order to fill his bladder. This test will help determine whether or not his transplanted ureter from the kidney is functioning properly at the point where it is attached to his bladder.

     Since Sawyer's kidney transplant, he has been hospitalized twice with kidney infections.  His doctor suspects there may be a back-flow in the ureter that is causing the infections.  We hope they find no issues and that Sawyer has no more kidney infections.

     Sawyer is anxious tonight about the procedure. Please pray that he will experience a great measure of peace  and for good results tomorrow. 

     Sawyer in a private meeting with Mike Griffin, former New York Yankee's pitcher, and Trayvon Robinson, outfielder (LF) for the Norfolk Tides.  Hours after their meeting, Trayvon hit the game winning home run.    


JJ said...

Praying for all to go as quickly and painlessly as possible...and that the news will be GOOD news!

Elizabeth Barber said...

Sawyer & family contnue in my prayers daily.

wannabee said...

Agreeing with jj