Friday, July 13, 2012

Great Week!

For the last month, we have been concerned about several new issues regarding Sawyer's health.  One issue involves his liver and issue #2 has been more detailed than I care to explain right now. 

We got a GREAT report this week.  We found out that issue #2 was a combination of an infection and an adjustment needed in one of Sawyer's anti-rejection meds.   Infection is a scary thing in an immunosuppressed kid, but his body handled it well.  The infection has passed and he is doing well with the new dose of the med. 

We have an appointment with a liver specialist next week, but our doctor shared Sawyer's labs with the liver specialist in advance.  The specialist said he was not concerned by what he saw.  This  is AWESOME news!  There is still an issue, but it's good to know that there is not a huge train wreck around the corner.  A GREAT relief!

A good report is not the only great thing happening this week.  We have witnessed a significant change in  Sawyer this week as well.  He looks better and has more energy than he has had in a year.  His sense of humor is coming back as strong as ever too.  It is AWESOME to watch him acting like pre-kidney failure Sawyer.

Great week!  


louantha said...


JJ said...

Rejoicing with you over every piece of good news that comes your way! Thank you, Lord.

Joan and Jan B said...

That is great news, Toby and Karen! I have a sticky note on the side of our fridge that says simply, "Pray for the DeBauses." It helped me especially during your crisis times to remember to pray daily. I saw it today and wondered where things were since we haven't "talked" for awhile. Thanks to FB, now I know!! If you saw, I just returned from a blessed visit with our latest little family addition, Max! :) Miss you guys! Glad to hear the good news though! Joan Benson

Mary said...

WONDERFUL!!!! Praying for you all daily.

Joyce Kirby said...

Father God,
Thank You for this great week and thank You for these many prayers that have been answered for Sawyer and the DeBause family. Continue to work miracles in Sawyer's life and bring complete healing. Thank You for being our Awesome God. In Jesus' Name. Amen.

thea said...

tears to my eyes!

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Deb said...

Whoooo-hoooo! I love this little guy and his humor!! Soooo fun!!
Glad to hear the good report.

Love you all!

Deb said...

Whoooo-hoooo! I love this little guy and his humor!! Soooo fun!!
Glad to hear the good report.

Love you all!