Monday, January 23, 2012

Factoids and Hiccups

     We met with the transplant surgeon for the first time on Friday.  Many questions were answered and we learned even more about kidney transplantation. 

I don’t have time now to write much, but over the next few days,  I'll post a series of "Transplant Factoids" sharing specific details regarding Karen and Sawyer's upcoming surgery and kidney transplantation in general.

The Transplant Factoids will be in no particular order.  However, today's factoid sheds a little light on the question we get asked the most.

Transplant Factoid #1:
The transplant surgery will happen soon (very soon) after Karen is cleared to be the donor.   

     I know... you want to know that date.  So do we! 

     Although Karen is a match to be the donor of Sawyer's new kidney,  she is taking an extensive battery of tests (blood and urine tests, cat-scan, etc.) to be sure that she and her kidney are healthy enough for the surgery.

     Unfortunately, two of her tests recently came back with results that  could potentially disqualify her as the donor.  We are hoping and praying that these results are just a few hiccups along this path as Karen is re-taking the tests this week.

     Obviously, there are concerns for Karen's health and the upcoming surgery, but several doctors have encouraged us to not be troubled by the recent results.  We like that advice!  So, we have been doing our best to not think about it and looking ahead to the re-tests.

     We will share more of the details once we get the new results.  I hope this helps you to know better how to pray.  Thank you for your prayers!  More Transplant Factoids to come.


Deb said...

Oh my - he looks so much taller there. I almost thought it was Ben at first. Anyway - you know I love you all and am praying for God's peace and comfort.

Love, Deb

Anonymous said...

Still Prayin. Love y'all. Kole

the bjorks said...

keep those factoids a comin'!

always praying :)

Audrey Lewis said...

Certainly praying for GOD's best and that Karen will have more positive results of upcoming tests and that GOD would keep her in good health if she is able to donate .......HE knows all things and orchestrates all things and certainly will not permit an outcome that would put Karen at trusting this procedure, the decision, the tests,the outcome and all to a loving, sovereign, caring GOD who has purpose to everything HE allows. May GOD give you all peace and comfort as you await the other tests and the transplant day. :)

Family Times and Challenges said...

Praying for you all. God is in Control.

Unknown said...

Wow, Sawyer looks so big here. :)
Yes, factoids most definately help in knowing the directions of the prayers. Will be praying for Karen's testing this week and that God will continue to open the doors for this surgery.
Big Hugs to everyone!!

JJ said...

Glad to know how to pray for you...and thankful that the doctors are being so thorough.

louantha said...

Praying for a perfect match.